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ATHENA Scholarship Program and Luncheon

The ATHENA Scholarship Program was created in 1999 for full-time post-secondary students between the ages of 18 and 30 years old.

As well as having excellent academic achievement, recipients must be interested in increasing leadership opportunities for women and enhancing the quality of life in our community.

The program is supported by generous donations from private citizens, corporations, professions, academic institutions and community organizations.

In 2004 the ATHENA Scholarship Fund (Windsor) was established as a registered charity.

Since 2001 the ATHENA Committee has hosted an ATHENA Scholarship Luncheon to honour the ATHENA Scholarship recipients, to acknowledge its generous sponsors and to feature a speaker of influence who exemplifies its values.


The next ATHENA Scholarship Luncheon is scheduled for Friday, November 1, 2024
at St. Clair College Centre for the Arts.

2024 ATHENA Scholarship Fund Applications

The ATHENA Scholarship Fund (Windsor) applications are now available and must be submitted no later than Thursday, March 28, 2024.


Four scholarships of $5,000 each will be awarded to students as follows:

  • One from St. Clair College
  • One from the University of Windsor
    (named in honour of Dr. Linda McKay)
  • One from any college or university attended by a student who has spent a significant period of time in Windsor/Essex County
    (named in memory of Melissa Macor, daughter of Loris and Michelle Macor)
  • One from the University of Windsor Faculty of Law
    (named in honour of Loretta Stoyka, President and Founder of the ATHENA Scholarship Fund Windsor)

All applications are carefully screened by members of the ATHENA Scholarship Committee.  A panel of five judges is appointed to select the ATHENA Scholarship Recipients.


Questions about the ATHENA Scholarship application process? Contact ATHENA Committee Chair, Lee Anne Doyle

Past ATHENA Scholarship Recipients

Back Row: Ann-Marie Athavale-Belanger, Susan Leonard, Loretta Stoyka,
Lee Anne Doyle, Gabrielle Gibbs, Sue Zanin, Mary Rodgers.
Front Row: Hannah Wagner, Maegan Miklas, Annalize Gignac

Scholarship Recipients


Gabrielle Gibbs - Faculty of Law, University of Windsor

Hannah Wagner - St. Clair College

Maegan Miklas - Western University

Annalize Gignac - University of Windsor

Vanessa Montemurri, Hannah Lebedyk, Sue Zanin,
Mary Rodgers, Loretta Stoyka,
Lee Anne Doyle, and Aliyah King

Monica Romero

Scholarship Recipients


Hannah Lebedyk - St. Clair College

Aliyah King - University of Windsor

Monica Romero - University of Windsor Law

Vanessa Montemurri - Western University

Trevor Ramieri, Sue Zanin, Jacqueline Eboh, Lee Anne Doyle,
Anumita Jain, Loretta Stoyka, and Alessandra Ceccacci

Scholarship Recipients


Alessandra Ceccacci - University of Toronto

Anumita Jain - University of Windsor

Jacqueline Eboh - Faculty of Law, University of Windsor

Trevor Ramieri - St. Clair College

Tara Chan (Faculty of Law, University of Windsor Recipient), Sue Zanin (Past Chair, ATHENA Committee), Loretta Stoyka (Founder, ATHENA Scholarship Fund (Windsor), Lee Anne Doyle (Chair, ATHENA Committee)
Photo 2 - Three Scholars

Scholarship Recipients


Tara Chan - Faculty of Law, University of Windsor

Paige Coyne - University of Windsor

Celina DeBiasio - University of Windsor

Sierra Scott-Kilgo - St. Clair College

Scholarship Recipients


Jessica Glazewski –St. Clair College
Katherine Hirsch – University of Windsor
Kiara Clement – St. Clair College

Scholarship Recipients


Syndey Chapados – University of Windsor
Holly Nicholson – St. Clair College
Erin Dufour- University of Windsor

The ATHENA® Leadership Award

ATHENA Leadership Award Nominees and Recipients are leaders in their profession, well-connected in their community, hold leadership positions in service and professional organizations and often lend their time and talent to corporate and foundation boards. Perhaps most importantly, they are great mentors who ‘lift as they climb’, extending a hand to their peers and the next generation of leaders alike. ATHENA Leadership Award Recipients foster leadership qualities in others.

Windsor became the first Canadian city to present the ATHENA Award in 1996. The award honours women and men who are recognized for business and professional excellence, for community service, for mentoring and providing a role model to encourage women to achieve their leadership potential. The ATHENA Award is presented each year at the Chamber’s Business Excellence Awards Gala.

2023 Business Excellence
ATHENA Leadership Award Recipient

Renee Daudlin-Iacobelli

2019 Business Excellence
ATHENA Leadership Award Recipient

Sherrilynn Colley-Vegh


2021 Business Excellence
ATHENA Leadership Award Recipient

Marlene Corey

2022 Business Excellence
ATHENA Leadership Award Recipient

Federica Nazzani