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Windsor, October 16, 2023 — The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce is delighted to have the support of Chamber network partners across Canada for its policy resolutions submitted for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s (CCC) 2023-2026 Policy Compendium. These resolutions are aimed at streamlining the immigration to workforce pipeline and updating tax provisions for commercial vehicles.

“After reaching out to our Chamber partners locally and across Southern Ontario, we are pleased to see support for our policy resolutions at the national level,” said Chamber CEO Rakesh Naidu. “The resolutions we put forward are designed to help bolster the Canadian workforce and address with the challenges businesses across the country are facing.”

The Chamber submitted the maximum allowed two policy resolutions for consideration at the CCC Annual General Meeting. Both resolutions submitted this year were new, being the first time the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce has submitted resolutions to the CCC Annual General Meeting in several years.

The first resolution, Amendment to Depreciable Assets: Passenger Vehicles is focused on updating section 10.1 of the Capital Cost Allowance to raise the limit to better reflect current market prices for vehicles. The current amount set at $34,000 has only been updated once since it was set at $30,000 in 1990.

The second resolution, Modernize Immigration Supports to Meet our Modern Workforce Needs is aimed at better integrating newcomers into the Canadian workforce. It features several recommendations including providing financial aid to newcomers to get their certifications recognized by professional regulatory bodies and creating information sharing systems between the Canadian government and local workforce and settlement agencies to streamline immigrants into well-suited jobs.

“As the Voice of Business for Windsor-Essex, our advocacy efforts are aimed squarely at making our region, province, and Canada a better place to do business,” stated Naidu. “Combined with our other policy resolutions at the provincial level, our Chamber is committed to advocating for our members and the business community of Windsor-Essex. The 2023-2026 CCC Policy Compendium will be released in the coming weeks.