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Windsor, October 17th, 2022 – The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce and BBB Serving Western Ontario are excited to announce a unique partnership between their two organizations set to commence just in time for Small Business Week. With a unified goal of creating a stronger, cohesive, and ethical business community, the two unique yet complementary organizations have coordinated to offer substantial cost savings to their potential and current members.

The partnership allows for BBB Accredited businesses in the Windsor-Essex area who are not currently members of the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce to join the CONNECTOR Tier with a 50% discount, and conversely, allow for all Chamber Members to apply for BBB Accreditation and, once approved, receive a 50% discount applied to their scaled dues. The offer would also be made available to existing members of either group, and applied to new applications. “In today’s competitive economic climate, it is critical for businesses to distinguish themselves from the crowd and demonstrate their commitment to excellence and integrity,” says CEO of BBB Jennifer Matthews. “We also know the value that a membership with the Chamber of Commerce adds to a business by way of advocacy, networking, and support. With both a Chamber membership and BBB Accreditation, businesses will have the tools to know where and with whom to do business and be provided with the structure and standards of operating with integrity and trust in their consumer interactions.”

“The BBB accreditation provides yet another benefit to current and future members, with the discounted fees for membership and accreditation serving to support businesses of all sizes and sectors. Businesses having Chamber Membership and BBB accreditation will enjoy the benefits of a high level of credibility and trust in the market,” said Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce CEO, Rakesh Naidu. “The Chamber is always looking to expand benefits and increase value for our members. Together our organizations will continue to collaborate for increased services and benefits in the future.”

Complete details on the program can be found by contacting either the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce or BBB Serving Western Ontario.