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Windsor, September 27th, 2022 – The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce is delighted with the Government of Canada’s decision to end the mandatory use of the ArriveCAN app and other border restrictions. The Detroit Regional Chamber joined it’s Canadian counterparts in applauding the Canadian government’s decision.

“The border measures were a significant hurdle for businesses and tourists to cross the border,” said Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce CEO Rakesh Naidu. “The restrictions, especially the ArriveCAN app, created a barrier between people and businesses on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border.”

U.S. visits through land ports have been down across the country and businesses have been feeling the impact of the border restrictions. Statistics Canada reports that border crossings from the United States in June 2022 were little more than half the number made in June 2019. The removal of restrictions is essential in bringing back normalcy to border crossings for individuals and trade.

“This is essential for reasons beyond travel,” continued Naidu. “Removing restrictions will increase business-to-business transactions and support recovery efforts in several sectors. Both sides of the border will benefit with increased ease of travel.”

Naidu noted that the removal of restrictions was only the beginning of returning to the way things were pre-pandemic. “The ending of these restrictions means we now have to make sure people and businesses on both sides of the border know that ArriveCAN and other border measures are lifted,” said Naidu. “Both Windsor-Essex and the Detroit Region benefit from easier cross-border travel and were hoping to return to pre-covid levels soon, but we recognize that we have some work ahead of us.”

Detroit Regional Chamber President and Chief Executive Officer, Sandy K. Baruah said, “Detroit and Windsor comprise an important, integrated, and impressive economic region – our business and social lives are inextricably connected. Any barriers to the free flow of commerce and people costs both Americans and Canadians. This is good news for all.”