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2019 Federal Elections

Election 2019: Federal Platform

The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce has identified these key issues:

Changes to Regulatory and Taxation system

  • The tax system has not been updated since the 1960’s and is inefficient in the context of the modern economy (internet economy)
  • When we have an inefficient and complex tax system, it hampers investment and in turn creation
  • Consider appointing a royal commission to conduct a review and suggest changes to the system
  • Include a tie-in to how we might change the taxation system to help balance the budget
  • Address taxes on alcoholic beverages

Helping Small and Medium Sized Business

  • Raise the filing threshold for small business - the current threshold is $30,000, set in 1991
  • Increase SMEs ability to export goods through realistic federal support programs
  • Work with SME owners to flesh out the issues that a large percentage face
  • Identify and eliminate the compliance, audit, and communication problems SMEs face in dealing with the CRA

Innovation in Technology

  • “Canada has fallen behind in research and technology. We rank 22nd in the world in capacity for innovation, 22nd in technological readiness, and 27th in company spending on R&D.” GNCC platform
  • Create government positions to oversee and regulate innovation specifically in the field of technology
  • We need to update our physical infrastructure to utilize the latest technological advances (5G) and be prepared for the innovations of the near future

Healthcare and Pharmacare

  • Some national parties advocate for a national pharmacare plan, if this happens it needs to provide an advantage over current provincial plans
  • Plan needs to include coverage for medicines for rare diseases and other expensive medications
  • Government officials should consult with private industry professionals to avoid any problems with the transition, like loss of coverage or cost issues

Community and Environmental well being

  • Strategies to promote innovation and not stifle investment: Utilize carbon taxation, grants for increasing efficiency, electric vehicle incentives, government investment in renewables, incentives for use of green processes as part of a plan to be environmentally friendly
  • Increase in public transit through grants to municipalities and firms who are innovating in the industry
  • Use green innovation and program implementation to create jobs

A Skilled and Educated Workforce

  • Work with firms to fund retraining programs
  • Work with businesses to ensure that school curriculum aligns with the skills needed for today’s workforce
  • With the advance in technology even those working in technological industries require retraining to keep up with innovation
  • Ensuring that the rural and indigenous workforce is getting the same opportunities as the Urban population

Trade – Breaking Barriers to Innovation

  • Complete negotiations in Latin America (Mercosur and Pacific Alliance)
  • Commence trade negotiations with ASEAN countries
  • Work with provincial and territorial governments to free up movement of goods, services, and labor
  • Conduct a review of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)